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Life with the Palm VII

There are three words in the English language that end with 'gry.' One is hungry and the other is angry. What is the third word?So went the riddle. Pulling out my Palm VII, I tapped on the Merriam-Webster Palm Query Application (pqa) and searched for "*gry." Wirelessly, the pqa delivered not three, but only two words: "angry" and "hungry." Humph. Riddles shouldn't be taken literally. My wife and I were shopping at Crate and Barrel where she spied a book on cooking. "It would make a perfect gift for a co-worker," she said. Pulling out my Palm VII, I tapped on the Amazon pqa and searched for the book by title. A few moments later, I said "Look. It's cheaper from" She bought it at Crate and Barrel anyway, saying something about shipping charges and needing to give the gift the next day. During an eye exam, the ophthalmologist dilated my pupils. This blurred my vision and made my eyes sensitive to light -- effec…