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The Trouble With Treos

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?

So went a recent conversation as I was using my wife's Treo 180. It turned out that the other party could hear me just fine. I couldn't hear the other end because the Treo speaker had died. If I closed the lid about half-way, just so, the speaker would come back to life, but this was a very awkward way to use a near state-of-the-art cell phone pda.

I say near state-of-the-art because the Treo 180 has, remarkably, retained its value, being surpassed only by HandSpring's newer models, the Treo 270 and 300. The Treo line is among the lightest, easiest to use, fit-in-your-shirt pocket phone pda on the market. HandSpring kept the 180 current with a free GPRS upgrade - a fast, persistent connection to the internet that doesn't require an ISP. My wife doesn't use this feature, partly because the service costs extra, but also because she just isn't the type to surf the web on a phone pda. Regardless, it's nice to know GPRS is available…