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T5 Fury

When PalmOne announced their upcoming and much anticipated T5, it wasn't news. What was news was the furious reaction toward it by elite and power users. At last count, there were 500+ comments at PalmInfocenter, most of them negative. What could engender such passion? Complaints weren't solely about specifications; barbs were also directed at marketing and price.

The recurring themes include:
no Cobaltno Wifino metal shellat $399 too expensivenot worthy of the Tungsten T flagship moniker
While the merits of these complaints are debatable, the disappointment in the Palm community is real. And the good points to the T5 don't seem to assuage their hurt:
tablet designlarge memory store (256MB)flash memory retains data even when batteries run downaccessible as a usb drive
The target audience for this device appears to be data-centric people: corporate users who have lots of Word and Excel documents, and healthcare professionals who need lots of reference material on hand.