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Coffee Break

I started drinking coffee in college. It was more of a study aid than a beverage. Dark, aromatic, slightly bitter, I took it with half and half, along with a donut, or a cookie, or a piece of chocolate. The caffeine and sugar got me through the late hours.Today, I enjoy my coffee black. I care enough to grind the beans each morning and am rewarded with its sweet aroma. During brewing, I watch the first few pale brown drops drip into the carafe. I leave, but I am never really gone as the bouquet continues to flirt with me. Shortly, upon my return, I behold a full pot of liquid – hot, rich, and dark. When it sits in my mug, I observe wisps of rising steam.Looking closer, I note faint patches of oil on the surface. I contemplate the day ahead and take a sip. Within moments, anything seems possible.

Rotate 1.2 Available

Here's what's new in version 1.2:
180 degree screen rotationOption to autohide the grafitti area after rotationA soft reset used to disable rotation. This has been fixed. The 180 degree turn isn't as goofy as it sounds. It was useful to me when I had to show info to someone who sat across the table.

Download it at:

More details are written up in the readme.txt file. And remember, this is shareware. If you find Rotate useful, $5 will buy you a clear conscience. :-)