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Rotate 1.3 Available

Here's what's available in version 1.3:

Long Press Option. Hold the rotate button down for half a second and the underlying application will be launched. This is especially convenient for T5 users who don't have an "extra" voice recorder button.Online help.Download it at:

Note that Rotate doesn't work on the new Palm TX, but I'm working on it.

Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard

My previous musings on coffee did have a Palm related point; they were composed using Think Outside's Bluetooth Keyboard. Folded closed, it's a slim attractive package. Fully open, it's a full sized keyboard -- the kind you usually find on a laptop. It is, however, missing the top row of number keys and that fakes me out. My fingers have "memory muscle" and since the keys feel like a full sized keyboard, I find myself off by one row when I type. Reaching for the "Tab" key, I hit "Caps Lock". Reaching for the numeric key "1", I enter "q". It took a little retraining and I still make typos, but it is still far far better than Grafitti 2, Grafitti 1, or a thumb board for writing anything more than a paragraph.

I connect the keyboard to my T3 via bluetooth. I use "secure" mode, which requires a little more fuss to setup, but in today's times of eavesdropping, I see no other alternative. An infrared keyboard would b…