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T|C or Not T|C?

That is the question (I posed to myself at Circuit City). I had narrowed my choices to the WiFi capable Tungsten C and the compact Tungsten T2. Many favorable reviews have been written about both devices and you can read about them in Pen Computing and at PalmInfoCenter. For those of you with a bluetooth phone, the T2 springs to mind. For those who occupy a campus or hospital setting with WiFi coverage, it is the TC that is palpable. But there are those like me, where the decision is not so obvious, and I hope my experiences help you decide.

The T2 caught my eye first. Although I don't own a bluetooth enabled phone, I may come to possess one in the future. I liked that the T2 was second generation which meant fewer bugs in addition to some nice enhancements such as a brighter screen and increased memory. And the features that made the original TT popular were still a part of the T2: compact form, built-in microphone, stereo headphone jack. But I kept wondering about the slide mech…