Second Cup

I don't always have time in the morning to make my own coffee. Sometimes, I go to Starbucks, although their naming convention for cup sizes -- tall, grande, venti -- is a bit pretentious. I also discovered that they have an unadvertised "short" or "small" size. Regardless, the cup is less important than the coffee inside, which happens to be quite good.

But if you're ever in
New York City, you can get an equally good (or better) cup – small, medium, or large -- at Oren's. In addition, you can buy coffee beans there; for those special occasions, they sell rarities such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, or Aged Sumatra. For your every day morning coffee, the Oren’s Special Blend makes a fine cup.

While StarBucks offers a pleasant unhurried rest stop, often with WiFi, Oren’s is really coffee to go. Tip: For drinking at your final destination, ask for a flat top. For drinking while walking, ask for a sip top.


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