Ring out the Old, Ring in the New?

While I look forward to the three new Treo models due out this year, I have no intention to ring out my old T3. I like to take care of my stuff.

After 14 months of use, my T3 lost two of the four screws along its sides. I found replacements -- four for $4.95 -- at InfosystemsPro. It's probably cheaper from a local hardware store, but the right size screws are hard to find.

I am testing my T3 as a USB drive (a T5 capability) with Softick's Card Export II. I haven't decided to register the software yet, but for $14.95, it lets you drag and drop files between your T3's SD card and your desktop (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

And don't forget, you can rotate your T3's screen with a touch of a button (like the LifeDrive). It's available for $5.95 from yours truly.

Happy New Year!


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