Holiday Borg

Holiday Borg Cube

The Borg were a fearsome adversary introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  With a collective hive mind, they assimilated entire worlds, stealing their technology and enslaving the population to serve as drones.  Able to adapt to and neutralize any defense thrown up by their victims, the Borg were relentless.

While much has been written about the Borg, here are some little known facts about them.

Earth's first Borg was Earnest Borgnine. His name should have given him away, but he looked human and was very likable.

Earth's first Borg

A very distant descendant of his was Annika Hansen, better known as Seven of Nine.
Borg Drone related to Earnest Borg Nine

Earth did eventually succeed in capturing and containing the Borg.  Below is a monument to this achievement.
Monument of Borg defeated and contained

And turning the tables, we see Christmas has assimilated the Borg.
Christmas has assimilated the Borg

Happy Holidays!


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