Remembering Cornell's Ninth President, Frank Rhodes

I graduated Cornell in 1982, but it was Frank H.T. Rhodes' words from his 1987 commencement speech that I remember most:

"I hope that zest for living, and for giving yourself to others, will accompany you on the continuing journey. For if you mortgage all your todays for some vague and gossamer tomorrow, you may find, in the end, that life's greatest joys and satisfactions have eluded you. As you continue life's journey, I encourage you to ride more merry-go-rounds and eat more ice cream. That does not mean a life of hedonism, but it does mean a life lived in the present, which is the only time we have."
I was a serious student, and now feel I should have explored more of my surroundings and availed myself more to the resources at Cornell.  Frank Rhodes created programs and opportunities for his students, and I benefitted unknowingly.  
I've written about Cornell here, and how I worked with Penny Rhodes one summer at Uris Library, albeit unknowingly.  Hmm, there seems to be a pattern here, and I am the richer for it.


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