A Different Toy Story 3, Happy New Year

An electrical engineer received a custom Monopoly set from her company, STV.

STV Monopoly Front

The bespoke tokens include a soldier, hard hat, bridge, space shuttle, rail vehicle, and school building, and you would be correct if you guessed STV was in the business of engineering, architecture, and construction management services.  The engineer writes: the picture in the center of the Monopoly board is the Coney island parachute jump. STV was involved in restoring it back in 2002. 

STV Monopoly Back

An editor at the American Chemical Society recounted the Covid lock-down in early 2020. A travel book can be a source of strength to see the pandemic through, and ACS gave their employees a photo-rich coffee table book from National Geographic: Journeys of a Lifetime, Second Edition: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips.

National Geographic: Journeys of a Lifetime

Now as we wrap up year two of Covid and Omicron, the book takes on a darkly humorous tone, highlighting beautiful locations we just can't get to... yet.

Hoping 2022 will be a kinder new year.


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