A Different Toy Story

We're well into holiday season, and my thoughts have turned to "corporate" toys; stuff given to employees that were unusual, interesting, and go well beyond the branded T-Shirts, pens, and mugs. I've collected some over the years.

NYSE Branded Coke Can

This can of Coke was distributed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with Coca-Cola ringing the opening bell. I drank it with lunch that day, but the can will not go into the recycling bin!

On November 25th, 2016, Target rang the opening bell and handed out their mascot, Bullseye.

Target Mascot Bullseye

My family shops at Target, so this was a fun and relatable gift. I estimated its value at the time to be around $15 to $25, but Amazon and ebay show the price moves between $40 and $100.

Note that this is the early Funko #05 edition, and not the later ones (#32 and #118). The dilemma is whether to open the box or not! 

Lastly, here is a paper weight from the Federal Reserve Bank of NY thanking employees for getting the company through a serious event.
Federal Reserve NY Paper Weight

On August 13th, 1990, at 1:16pm, a Con Ed four alarm fire knocked out power to downtown Manhattan. The Federal Reserve stayed up and running with four diesel generators. The generators were old, and two gave out early, but the remaining two were enough to power us for the remainder of the day. 

Has your company given you a notable toy? Leave a comment below. 

Happy thoughts, and Happy Holidays to all.


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