Thinking About The Apple Studio Display

iWoz Book raising iMac display

Steve Wozniak continues to support Apple in unexpected ways. His book, iWoz, raises my iMac 27" 5K Retina Display computer to a comfortable eye level.  Long time users of the iMac will recognize this setup, as the stand is not height adjustable.

I confess I have not read Wozniak's book, and no, I did not buy the book simply to adjust the height of my display. Rather, I purchased this book for my son in 2006, who needed a subject for a grade school book report.  Wozniak's goal was to share the thrill of engineering with young minds, and he succeeded. His hardcover book serving as a monitor accessory was a bonus.

When Apple recently announced the Apple Studio Display with a height adjustable stand, my Apple Watch betrayed my heart rate. It was everything I wanted for my next computer: 

  • display separate from the CPU
  • 27" 5K Retina Display with native 2x resolution
  • beautiful construction
  • a height adjustable stand
At $1600 I wouldn't hesitate.  But add $400 for the height adjustable stand, and my Apple Watch recommended that I should breathe.

I watched three popular YouTube hosts discuss this display, ranging from the entertaining and angry Linus who brute forced the "non-removable" plug from the back of the display, to a calm and thoughtful Marques Brownlee who sadly concluded "the Apple Studio Display is a bad deal," to Rene Ritchie who seemed to understand me best: "The mac-nerd heart wants what the mac-nerd heart wants."

I won't need to upgrade until 2024 or 2025 -- enough time for the monitor landscape and pricing (unlikely, but one can hope) to change. Until then, I have the iWoz book, which doesn't look too out of place under my iMac.


klin said…
I enjoyed iWoz. It's one of the books I read while researching work directions I might take - page 5 of

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