Raspberry Pi 5 Resource Limits

I was fortunate enough to get a Raspberry Pi 5. I had no particular purpose for it other than to explore it and have fun. On UNIX and Linux based systems, part of that exploration involves checking the default resource limits.

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The screen shot above is a vimdiff of the rlimits for the Raspberry Pi 400 (left) and the Raspberry Pi 5 (right). Both are running their respective 64-bit versions of Raspberry Pi OS.

Four of the 15 resources turned up with diffs, and it's no surprise that the pi5 would have the higher limits. These include the number of processes, the locked-in-memory address space, the number of pending signals, and the realtime priority.  They all serve the common purpose of improving realtime performance.  The last item, realtime priority, is the most telling.  On the pi400, the current and max values are 0.  On the pi5, they are 2.  These settings most likely support hardware destined for the Pi5's new PCIe connector.

For a detailed review of the pi5, see Jeff Gerling's video: Raspberry Pi 5: EVERYTHING you need to know

You can also read about the pi5 on Ars Technica: What I learned from using a Raspberry Pi 5 as my main computer for two weeks.


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